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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Cheating people with photo editing 03-29

Cheating people with photo editing (photo shop).

I am just presenting an example of the cheating technique. in photography.

Thanks to the political parties, everyone knows the word photo shop. Most of the parties in India specially BJP and Congress do it to show more audience at their and less audience at the other's meetings.
Please carefully view the images below.

The first photograph is the original image of 9 Aircrafts forming a formation., I photographed this at an Air Show in Canada.

The second is a cheat photograph. Here you can see twenty Aircrafts forming a totally different formation. This photograph does not actually exist. It is created by editing the first one.

Here I have used technology much superior to photo shop. But it is a cheat image.

This is just to show how the political parties are cheating people with fake images. BJP resorted to it very heavily in 2014 elections.. photo No. 3 is a heavily circulated image of Modi during 2014 elections which later on turned to be fake. Modi did nothing to stop its circulation.

Next time you see a photograph of a politician doing something great. Just think it can be an edited or fake photograph.

Original image

Edited Image

The Fake Image

Creating illusion with photo editing

The original image

One more example of creating illusion through photo editing.

First image is the original image of Fall shot by me in Canada.

The second image creates an illusion of an idol of god with a garland and floral decoration. You can also see a Crown (Kireetam) on the head.
The entire illusion has come out of editing of first image. I have not added any image to it.
hope you will like the illusion.

The Illusion created through photo editing.

Image to Illusion

Divine to Draconian.

The first image is that of the beautiful Niagara Falls. I shot this when I visited it in 2015.
So beautiful so serene so divine. Produces almost 1/5th of world's requirement of water.
The second image is the photo edited version of first image.

It gives an illusion of Whirlpool. You can see the fury of it uprooting the rocks and throwing them in all directions. Just compare this with a real image of whirlpool and see how much of reality I could put into my edited imaged. How close is this illusion to the reality.

The first image shows the same rocks firmly entrenched.

A very soft and subtle Illusion

I have  created a very soft and subtle illusion in this picture. I have tried to create the reflection in the snow.

The first image is a night photography of snow fall. I have photographed this in the midnight without flash by opening up the aperture almost completely and reducing the shutter speed.

The second photograph is the edited on where you can see the reflection of the trees, the house and the snow fall in the snow layer on the ground.

Reflections The Illusion.

Optical Illusion Siva Lingam (Shiv Ling) created from a photograph of  a road with surroundings and sky line.

The first photograph is the original one (not shot by me.).

The edited image creates an illusion of a Siva Lingam (Shiv Ling) with floral garland and a coating (lep0 of  vibhuti (white Ash). You can also see divine light emanating from behind the lingam and spreading everywhere across the celestial space. Took me sometime to create it . Hope you like it.

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