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Saturday, March 3, 2018

The irresistible mouse trap 03-03


Follow your instincts. If your intuition tells you to leave something or someone, leave  and don’t go back or you could find yourself like this mouse, wondering how to get out!

Remember this mouse was super smart, however just like humans... hunger, poverty, greed got the best of him.

Like human the mouse had trust issues but still fell for it

What am saying is that mouse knew what was up and still went for it and when it slammed shut in you could tell the mouse was saying damn it I knew it was a trap I knew it and I went for it anyway it was at that point he realized life was up and will  lose its life for it.

In life our intuitions tell us what’s right and wrong but because of greed, selfishness and love worldly things we fail to claim our destiny.

The difficulties of life put people in unimaginable positions. The solution was hinged on greater harm which was expected yet unavoidable for the mouse bent on getting the solution. If there was food outside the trap and not inside, the mouse may not have wanted to have the one in the trap 

Monday, February 26, 2018

Ivanka Shows Up At Winter Olympics Closing Ceremony, U.S. Athlete Immediately Slams Her 02-27

You just need to agree with the feelings expressed by the athletes about Ivanka Trump. Anything else would be improper and inadequate.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Samsung Ad that crossed 100 millions views on YouTube. 01-05

When I say it is a great Ad, I am not praising the Ad, i am stating the obvious. An extraordinary example of social business by Samsung India.

If you think, it is for creating empathy for the visually impaired, you are wrong, they don't need it. They are hugely empowered and resourceful in their thought process and their deeds. They are more enabled than us in enjoying good things of life.

I think the video is a great source of inspiration, motivation, and a learning experience for people who have all the physical attributes and still feel impaired in their thought process.

I unhesitatingly admit that, I have learned that normal life is not about having certain things and not having certain things. Life is all about using all your physical, social, spiritual attributes and optimising them to lead a fulfilled life.

I know, every ad is promotional tool to sell the products, This one maybe no different. But I don't mind the commercial part, the actualization part.

However the sensitivities it has the capacity to create among people is worth appreciating.

I don't mind the not so hidden objective of creating a brand loyalty and increasing equity, behind the creation of this ad.

The social business route for expanding the brand loyalty and equity are not new to Indian organizations.

We have seen mainly Tata and Godrej advertisements hugely, based and related to the Indian social fabric.

Your valuable insights please....

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Rahul Gandhi takes over as Congress President 12-16

Rahul Gandhi formally took over as the President of the Congress Party from his mother Sonia Gandhi who had been in the position for 19 years. The Congress top brass including former Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, Sonia Gandhi were present at the handing over ceremony. Thousands of Congress workers from various states have gathered at the Party headquarters for the coronation ceremony.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

North Korea defied the United States today with another missile test

North Korea defied the United States today with another missile test, the first in 10 weeks, firing an
intercontinental ballistic missile capable of reaching the U.S. Capitol. CBS' David Martin has more.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Go pro gets melted by lava and still survives.

Here’s the amazing story of a tough little GoPro camera that refused to die. It was hit by molten lava, burst into flames, and somehow survived to shoot another day.

Erik Storm is the owner and lead guide of Kilauea EcoGuides in Hawaii. About 16 months ago, he was on a tour when he placed his GoPro into a crack to film lava flows.

“I was telling a story when the molten lava completely engulfed my GoPro (with housing on) and it caught on fire,” Storm tells PetaPixel. “I used a geology rock hammer to pull it out of the lava and thought it was a total loss.

After getting back home, Storm hammered the cooled rock off the GoPro housing. He suddenly noticed that the Wi-Fi light on the camera within was still blinking.

When he pulled the SD card out of the camera, he found that the footage was still intact. The last video on it shows the camera getting engulfed by lava and flames bursting into view.

“The camera even still worked although not a well as it did before,” Storm says. “Truly amazing it survived!”

P.S. Storm is the guide who took photographer Erez Marom out to the lava flow on private land where he accidentally melted the camera on his $1,500 DJI Phantom 4 drone.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Former PM Manmohan Singh Speech on demonetisation in Ahmedabad, Gujarat 11-10

On the eve of first anniversary of demonetisation, former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Tuesday said the note ban exercise and Goods and Services Tax (GST) were "badly designed and hastily implemented."

In an interaction with a group of traders in Ahmadabad, he said demonetisation was a black day for both economy and democracy. "Nowhere in the world any democracy has taken such a coercive step."