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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Shah Rukh Khan at IIMB 12-15

DEC 11, 2015: The first Global Alumni Leadership Summit organized by the IIMB Alumni Association, IIMBUE 2015, kicked off on December 11, 2015 at the Leela Palace, Bangalore, with the immensely popular Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan delivering the inaugural address. His narrative was laced with humour and he recalled instances from his own life, his humble background and his amazing story of success.

“Leadership is not at all complicated. One must dream, but simply dreaming is not enough. You have to dismantle the old, be rid of the fear of losing that prevents you from growing and be truly creative in the world you inhabit. Business often becomes numerical and goal-driven, which clouds the poetry of creativity. Creativity cannot be a managerial concept, it has to be an imaginerial concept,” he said. 
Leadership, he said, meant being prepared for disaster also. “When you have learnt to welcome disaster, you can overcome it...that’s what leadership is about.”

Offering instances from his own life about “accidents and the role of destiny”, the actor-producer said he had always wanted to be a sportsman but a back injury led him to try out theatre and landed a role in a television serial that then opened the doors of Bollywood to him. “Keep your eyes open for life’s magic and don’t turn away from practicality,” he advised young managers, students and alumni.
Offering a word of advice to young entrepreneurs, he said: “You must do things that you don’t want to do, before deciding whether you want to do it or not. You must first analyze if you are capable of doing it. Be in a position to make the choice first. Do not lose sight of the real world, conquer it first and then move to the world that you want around you.”

He observed that unless one lives by the heart, none of the ideas will translate into splendour that life has in store. “Moreover, one should also take others along in the journey - that is the basis of all creative wonder, all happiness. There is no greater creativity in life or leadership than living by the heart and giving back what it gave you.”

Harish Mittal, Convenor, IIMBUE 2015 & President, Bangalore Chapter, IIMB Alumni Association spoke at the end of the discussion, stating that one could take valuable life lessons from SRK’s speech and remember that the journey was more important than the goal.

Earlier in the evening, Saif Quereshi, President of the IIMB Alumni Association, welcomed the audience and set the tone of the meeting by talking about the 15,000 strong alumni association and their effort in putting an event such as IIMBUE together. IIMB Director Dr. Sushil Vachani observed how a regular kid like SRK went on to become a role model and hoped that the alumni would take the legacy of IIMBUE forward.

Dr. Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, Chairperson, IIM Board of Governors, welcomed Shah Rukh warmly, introduced the theme of IIMBUE and presented a memento of thanks to the chief guest.

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