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Friday, April 17, 2015

Narendra Modi adresse the Indian Diaspora in Canada 04-17

Narendra Modi adresse the Indian Diaspora in Canada

 Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the Indian Diaspora in Toronto's Ricoh Coliseum today. PM Modi was given a ceremonial welcome earlier in Canada's capital Ottawa. This is the last leg of PM Modi's 3-nation tour, which included France and Germany.
Here are the highlights:
  • I thank the Canadian people for the welcome they have given me.
  • I want to thank the PM of Canada and the people of this Nation. Canada has welcomed me with immense enthusiasm.
  • But this honour isn't for Narendra Modi but for the 125 crore people of India.
  • Narendra Modi was not the reason Indians made a mark here, You (Indians in Canada) are the reason Indians have made a mark here.
  • I have come to Toronto earlier. No one knew me then but even then I was showered with love.
  • Reached here last night, will leave tomorrow. But I will never forget Canada's love for me.
  • India + Canada, can you image the strength this partnership has?
  • My experience of working with Canada has always been very good right from the time when I was the Chief Minister in Gujarat. Canada partnered with Gujarat in 2003.
  • All natural resources India needs can be provided by Canada. Potash needed for fertilizers in India comes from Canada.
  • The decisions we have taken today have been taken in a friendly atmosphere. Our association is going to be very long and a fruitful one.
  • 10 months back the government in India changed, now I can say ethos of the people has changed.
  • PM Modi refers to a Bollywood song: Dekh tere sansaar ki halat kya hogayee bhagwan, kitna badal gaya insan (See what the world has become O God, see what the human has become).
  • There was a time when a bank official wont even look up from his work when you went to the bank. Insaan badal gaya, bank wale bhi badle (Humans have changed and so have the bank officials)
  • I congratulate them for opening 14 crore bank accounts - that is thrice the population of Canada and that too in 100 days.
  • Not that only the Government has changed. 'Jan Man' has changed.
  • We say Jan Gana Man Adhinayak -- that Jan Man has changed.
  • Jinko gandagi karni thi, gandagi kar ke chaley gaye, hum safai karke jayengey.
  • There is a new atmosphere of trust in our nation.
  • India is a large country and it will take time to clean. The problem is old and it will take time but you can see there is a change in the people.
  • Whatever is happening is not due to Modi but it is due to the people of India.
  • 4 lakh people have given up their gas subsidies, jan man badla hai (the collective spirit of the people) official order, no law...
  • President Kalam used to talk about a "positive column" in newspapers, today it is finally happening: (cites example of a newspaper editor who wrote to him to say they had implemented a policy of doing only positive news once a week).
  • Development is the solution to all our problems. India has the strength, need opportunity.
  • India is a young country - that is our biggest resource.
  • 80 crore youth, 80 crore dreams, 160 crore strong hands. What can we not achieve?
  • In all developed nations, the populations are ageing fast. When they need young workforce, by 2030, they will look towards India.
  • Earlier India was known as 'Scam India', we want it should be known for 'Skill India'.
  • Do not want to be "job seekers", we want to be "job creators". That is what we aim to do with skill development.
  • We need to instill dignity of labour. Till it becomes our nature, we will not be able to do with pride what the world expects of us.
  • No dearth of talent in India. We are the first country to reach Mars in its first attempt.
  • Our Mars mission cost less than what it takes to make a Hollywood film... Our cost worked out to less than an autorickshaw ride in any Indian city at Rs. 7 per kilometre.
  • We want to encourage youth to make innovations that help the world.
  • AIM - Atal Innovation Mission is a program we have developed to take the youth ahead.
  • The nation of Gandhi that has never been an aggressor, we used to go begging (bhatakna) for reactors.
  • No one wanted to give us nuclear reactors, thinking what if we make bombs. Ironically people who make bombs are not stopped.
  • Now we have an agreement with a French company and it'll be made in India. We need Uranium for the reactors and that we will get from Canada.
  • Saffron is a colour of energy. We have to have an energy revolution in India (part of PM Modi's 4-coloured revolution).
  • India always spoke of MegaWatts, for the first time we are talking about GigaWatts -- 175 GigaWatts of renewable energy.
  • In 2012-13, the government used to buy LED bulbs for Rs. 350 each; we buy one LED bulb for Rs. 85. Is this not honesty and transparency?
  • The second is White Revolution - animal husbandry.
  • The third is Green Revolution -- how to improve agricultural productivity - we have started a soil health card program. We are looking at per drop more crop.
  • The fourth is Blue revolution -- clean blue skies, skies free of environmental dangers...
  • OCI and PIO have been merged; OCI cards will be given for a lifetime now instead of just 15 years.
  • e-migrate portal has been started to meet complaints and online applications, no need to go to immigraton offices.
  • 17,000 people rescued from West Asia- in times of crisis we do not see the colour of anyone's passport. We do everything possible for people.
  • You'll now get Indian visas for 10 years.

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